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Ventilation metalldoor


The ventilation metalldoor inserted in door frame makes one set. The door itself consists of a frame and a fixed louver. The louver is made of metall stripes 30x2 mm and 10x2 mm making holes of 75x25 mm. The horizontal stripes are layed in an angle of 45 degrees that is necessary for ventilation and keeps from rain water. The basic dimensions of series produced doors are  (60cm, 70 cm, 80cm,...). We produce also doors with other dimensions - according your demands.

For its perfect ventilation, construction against rain water and resistance the ventilation metalldoor is available for regulation gasstations, transformer stations, cooling machine rooms, gas stores and other rooms where ventilation is needed. With placing of more door panels next to each other ventilation walls can be made. 


Priedušné kovové dvere

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