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Antiskid step for stairs


- made of steel - galvanized
- made of stainless steel
Antiskid steps for stairs fulfill the norm DN 24531.
The step consists of a grid (supposring bar-stripe 30/2 or 30/3). The stepping edge is fortified by a special profile with antiskid finish.
The side supporting plates of steps have round and oval holes for screws M 12 (hot galvanized), which can be a part of the delivery.  The step can be made for extreeme conditions as well as with antiskid finish on the whole surface.
The steps (also with antiskid finish) are available in places where there is a high danger of serious accidents because of slipping such as in chemical production or food processing industry, in mines, power plants and generally in steel constructions. 


Schodišťový protišmykový stupeň

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